Löwin/Leonessa (In Two Languages)

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Löwin/Leonessa (In Two Languages)

Postby Axikal » Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:14 pm

Deine Augen sind winzig Lagerfeuer
durch die eine Leidenschaft opfert
die Welt um dich - mein Herz schmelzen
Ihr Haar weich und Flammen, fließt und schwimmt;
das perfekte Schutzschild

Du bist eine Göttin zu mir
Eine Löwin
Und ich bin bereit, Ihre Beute

O ma ci avrebbero invidia!
Per cenare nella nostra azienda
e prendere nelle nostre arie di ammirazione e di amore -
nostre espressioni dei giovani - eterna; la incrollabile
fodere dei nostri cuori, ora intrecciate

Lasciate che ci invidiano -
Un re e una leonessa -
per noi non osiamo danza tra le stelle

Abbiamo semplicemente creare


Your eyes are tiny campfires
through which a passion immolates
the world around you--melting my heart
Your hair, soft and ablaze, flows and floats;
the perfect shield

You are a goddess to me
A lioness
And I am your willing prey

O but they would envy us!
To dine in our company
and take in our airs of admiration and love--
our expressions of youth--eternal; the unwavering
tickings of our hearts, now intertwined

Let them envy us--
A king and a lioness--
for we do not dare dance amongst the stars

We simply create them

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Re:Löwin/Leonessa (In Two Languages)

Postby Musashi1596 » Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:15 pm

Damn my incompetent GCSE level Deutsch...
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