How Bungie plans to unfuck Destiny 2

How Bungie plans to unfuck Destiny 2

Postby jloco11 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:34 pm ... _informer/

Game Informer is doing month long coverage on Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion. Reddit has a post summarizing the major changes coming to the game, but some of the key pieces are:

- "New" enemies... not actual reskins either.
- Gun system change
- New supers and skill trees
- Raid in a public space
- More Archon Forge/Escalation protocol type modes
- Gambit, the PvEvP game mode

But the part that shows they're doing something FINALLY a bit different, is the game wants you to hunt down 8 Barons before going after Prince Uldren. The first 6 are non-linear and you can go after whoever you want in whatever order. The final 2 are linear. So freedom in chasing down which path to follow.
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