Demon's Souls: Into the Tower of Latria

Demon's Souls: Into the Tower of Latria

Postby Musashi1596 » Wed May 19, 2010 12:41 am

Into the Tower of Latria

It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the suffocating darkness, the damp, musky air clinging to my throat. The Tower of Latria. Once the largest penal complex in Boletaria, it now lies in ruins, long since abandoned. Yet, the guards, who were the subject of many a horror story and legend throughout the land, still roamed the hallways, ringing their bells as though they still served some sort of purpose, watched by the gaunt prisoners still trapped in their cells, driven insane by the long years of isolation, their moans still echoing throughout the ruined tower.

I left the open cell containing the arch stone with a sense of apprehension. The whole place had an unnatural feel to it. An aura, as though all of the pain and suffering felt within these walls had somehow been absorbed by them. I shivered violently; an alarming fact considering that I felt extremely warm. Unable to shake the sense of unease, I pressed on, and checked the cell next to the one I just emerged from.

There was a pitiful figure hunched in the middle of the dark cell, bare except for rotting splinters of wood that may once have been a chair or table, and a decomposing corpse lying in the corner. The stench was crippling, and my helmet did little to keep it out. The figure let out a low groan and lurched forward, limping noticeably and dragging his clearly diseased left leg behind him, leaving marks in the thick layer of grime beneath his bare, filthy feet. His face was coloured an ashen grey, through grime or illness I could not say, and what little hair he had was filthy and matted, hanging in clumps and patches. In an act of kindness, showing perhaps the only compassion the prisoner had seen in living memory, I searched the nearby wall and, upon seeing and retrieving the hanging key, decided to let him out. I lifted the large iron key, as heavy as it was rusted, and inserted it in the lock, twisting sharply. The door swung open, creaking horribly, but… He just stood there, and stared at me, groaning.

Unable to rouse a response, and being unable to decide whether to put him out of his misery, I continued forth. Each cell showed a similar story… Many of them had been suspended by their wrists, or worse. I saw what looked like a sarcophagus, open and upright, lined with fearsome looking spikes. I couldn’t help but stare at the encrusted gore on them, drawn by a sort of morbid fascination and yet repulsed at the same time.

I was snapped out of my trance by the sound of a bell, sharp and loud, drowning out the groaning of the prisoners. Whirling around, I see an ominous blue glow on the other side of the hallway, separated from me by a huge drop down to the lowest level. I tried to make my way to the walkway far to my left, but another ring alerted me just in time to drop to the floor as the streak of blue energy seared the very air above me and buried itself in the wall, leaving a clear residue and, more importantly, noticeable scorch marks. Running to I picked myself up, ignoring the pain in my chest from falling on my sword hilt, and ran to the walkway. Pressing my back against a pillar, I glance around, and saw my assailant properly… A Mindflayer. Humanoid guards of the tower, they had a human-shaped body, concealed beneath a threadbare green robe and a head that could only be likened to an octopus, slimy tentacles pulsing around his… chin? The dim glow from his lantern grew ever closer.

He let out a fierce shriek, raised the lantern, and fired out some sort of shockwave of percussive force. Even protected by the pillar, I was blown off my feet, hitting my helmeted head painfully on the wall in front of me. Before I could get to my feet, the Mindflayer unleashed a second blast, this one looking somewhat like electricity… It hit me square in the chest. Oddly, I felt no pain, as though it had missed, but… No, it seems to have frozen me. I couldn’t move, I strained against my invisible bonds as hard as I could but to no avail. I’ll admit, I was truly terrified when the figure grew ever closer, at a frightening pace.

Standing before me in my helpless state, the tentacles unfurled from his chin, and gripped my torso. I tried, and failed to grit my teeth as he lifted me into the air, looked me in the eye with his blank, white eyes, and opened his mouth wide. My world grew even darker as I felt the spike punch through my stomach with horrible force. I couldn’t even cry out, my jaw frozen.

I managed to regain my ability to move when he dropped me to the ground, for all the good it would do. Bleeding heavily through my light leather armour, I crawled away as quickly as my pain threshold would allow. I managed to raise myself to my knees and draw my sword with a quivering arm, and find some cover in a cell. It might block these projectiles. Maybe, if I could lure him through the door, I might be able to cut him down before he can hit me again. The sword was loose in my hand, unable to find the strength to grip it properly in my sweating palms. Maybe, I could survive this. The bell rang again.
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