Main Page Articles: Terms of Service

Main Page Articles: Terms of Service

Postby Musashi1596 » Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:16 pm

Any writers who wish to publish an article to the main page, such as a review, will be expected to read and follow the following Terms of Service. Thank you,

All submitted material must be of a suitable professional standard. To be approved for publishing, articles will require a minimum of profanity (Mild curse words only, and only when relevant and used sparingly), and a good command of the English language, meaning competent spelling, grammar and structure throughout.
The writer must take a neutral stance and not simply focus on positive or negative aspects exclusively, writing in an unbiased and credible manner. Particularly with news reports, it is very important that an unbiased stance is taken to ensure an impartial judgement. Articles should be aimed towards attaining a minimum word count of at least 1000, this however stands as an advisory point and not compulsion. In the case of reviews, scoring should be limited to a 10-point system, with the exception of films which may be graded with a five star system.
Submitted articles will be subject to quality control, using the above criteria as well as the personal judgement of the Head Publisher and Publisher in order to ensure a consistently high quality. Should it be considered to not meet the required conditions, it will be returned to the author with an explanation and advice, in order for them to make the appropriate changes. The article in question may be resubmitted after changes are made, as often as deemed necessary. In the case of minor errors, the Publisher reserves the right to edit submitted material as deemed necessary prior to publishing.

Any inquiries can be sent to me.
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Re: Main Page Articles: Terms of Service

Postby Axikal » Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:49 pm

This stands as a fair set of rules that should give people a good idea on what is being looked for from Official PGz submissions. For those articles that don\'t meet the professional criteria, don\'t worry. I\'m hoping we can obtain a "Member Submissions" section so that we can showcase some of the best forum work, that will go largely unedited (save for grammatical checks, libel, etc). No matter what you write, please know that the Head Publisher has every right to turn down a submission for whatever reason is deemed fit; though such reasons will never be unreasonable.

Any changes being made to submitted works will be run past the original author before any publication is made. After all, it is still your work. Should you choose to want your work removed from the front page section, we shall do so promptly, and without question.

Also, keep in mind that the criteria for articles, news, and reviews are slightly different:

News Articles: News articles can be a little bit more "personal", but nothing on the level of a weblog entry. Official news reports must contain the same level of professionalism as a review, but may use a less formal tone in the writing. These do not have to be "essay length", and should run at least 2-4 paragraphs in length (three complete sentences or more per paragraph).
There is no minimum word count for News Articles. However, all information presented in the article should be accurate, and any information posted should be cited properly. PGz uses the MLA citation style, and more information can be found here: [url=\" onclick=\";return false;][/url]

Op-Ed Articles: Opinion-Editorial pieces are personal opinion works that detail raves/rants on a specific or multiple topic(s). As such, Op-Ed pieces are treated a little less strictly in terms of professionalism. Keep in mind that any form of libel will not be tolerated, and will be removed immediately, and the author warned against submitting such things any further. Should the author violate this again, they will be asked to refrain from future submissions for an indeterminate amount of time.
The rules applying to cursing are far more lax, but please keep it to a respectful level. Entries consisting of the word "fuck" every two words will either be edited down heavily, or rejected. Use your head. While we are all adults here, an adult knows not only how to curse, but when to curse, where to curse, and why to curse. There are no minimum word count requirements for Op-Ed pieces, but should run 4-8 paragraphs at minimum.

Reviews (of any kind): Official PGz reviews must contain very little to NO vulgarity. The use of the words "fuck" or "cunt" is strictly prohibited, and any occurrence of these words will be asked to be removed, or the article rejected. Minute exception may be made in the case of "fuck", but only if the context is proper, and the use is required. Usage of "light profanity" (damn, hell, bastard, ass, bitch) is accepted, but should be kept to an absolute minimum.
When writing a review, the author should strive to make the review as in-depth, and informative as possible. It\'s especially important to weigh the pros and cons of the game, and point out ANYTHING that could be worked on to improve the final product. Things such as draw distance, texture mapping, load time, art design, frame skipping (or lack thereof) should be addressed at some point during the article, if possible. Keep in mind that these are just examples, and not KEY to avoiding a rejected review.
Also, keep in mind that PGz uses the "standard rating scale" system used in most gaming reviews. This system involves a scale of 1-10:

1 - Worst Game Ever
2 - Mostly Terrible
3 - Poor
4 - Weak
5 - Average
6 - Slightly Above Average
7 - Very Good (Bronze Award)
8 - Excellent (Silver Award)
9 - Almost Perfect (Gold Award)
10 - Perfect (Platinum Award)

and the "standard star rating" system for movie reviews

1 Star - Worst Movie Ever
2 Stars - Poor
3 Stars - Average
4 Stars - Above Average
5 Stars - Exceptional

As a caution, please try to limit the use of "perfect (10/5) ratings" for games/movies that meet the criteria for such a rating. These are games/movies that contain very few flaws, none of which are "gamebreaking", or detract from the overall enjoyment of the game to a noticeable degree. PGz is striving to bring the fairest, most balanced reviews of the gaming world. To do so, we should strive to be as critical, and observational as possible in order to best inform the reader of their intended purchase/interest.

Any article being submitted will be subject to an internet research for possible attempts at plagiarism. Please understand that because PGz is striving to become a legitimate gaming source, we cannot abide by any form of plagiarism. Plagiarism is the act of utilising another author(s) body of work (be it written, drawn, spoken, recorded in any form, et al) as one\'s own without proper credit or permission to/from the original author(s).
Any instance of plagiarism is subject to a verbal warning for the first offence. Should there be a repeat offence, the person responsible for the plagiarism will be asked to no longer submit works for the front page, and future submissions will be automatically denied.

We have to do this because there are SEVERE legal ramifications for plagiarising works. PGz cannot afford a lawsuit, and we doubt any of you would like to see the site shut down. So please, before attempting to plagiarise, think about the community, and the site. You\'re also putting the publishers at great risk, and could damage their futures in writing and publishing.

Please show our staff and the site the proper respect, and don\'t plagiarise.

Also, any official game review posted will be subject to a "retrospective review" in half a year (6 months). We ask that anyone who is officially published be willing to revisit their review in half a year\'s time, and report any changes (if existing) in the quality of the game in question (this time frame may also be lessened at the request of the original Author, at any time; a minimum of a month\'s time is required between the original review, and the Retrospective), and all Retrospective Reviews will be marked appropriately within the review.

And finally, we also do ask that the author of a game review be willing to report on any DLC released on the game of their review. But this is an optional task. If you cannot, or are not willing to take part, another author will be used to review the DLC in your stead. You may choose this person if you wish, or we can do that instead.

This TOS is subject to change at any time, but you will be made aware of any such changes, and what they are, and why they are being made.

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