Life and Death - Metaphor fiction

Life and Death - Metaphor fiction

Postby Pauly » Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:58 am

Life and Death

Here stands a man, unique amongst the background. Glassy eyes stare back as he looks into his last hope. He’s about to walk into the most stressful situation of his life, yet there is one ulterior motive driving him to do it. The reason is 5 years old and is his only motivation. He reaches into his standard issue uniform and pulls a picture of his daughter out. Her smiling face gives him the confidence to do anything. He picks up his weapon and prepares to begin his descent into the battlefield. The father tucks the image in his left inner pocket on his jacket, close to his heart as he heads into the battlefield.

As the veteran weeds through the battlefield he sees the extraction zone in the distance. He is only steps away when he is ambushed. He takes a shot off the chest. The man is glad he wore his armor today. He realizes the ammo of choice for this enemy is fake smiles and hollow words. The warrior’s quick thinking and wit helps him overcome the enemy by the time the transport arrives.

While the transport whirs to life and starts moving the father hears in the background something awful. Muzak. Through the indistinct noise that has been torturing him the entire ride he hears and feels the vehicle come to a slow and then stops. The metallic doors slide open and the father walks out of the vehicle with a safe feeling.

With the battlefield and muzak behind him he sees a woman in the distance. He can’t make out a face, but by the way the lady seems to present herself he realizes she must be attractive. With his objective in sight along with an appealing missus ahead to deal with, his heart rate rises. He stops at a table before reaching the woman and places his weapon on it. The man opens up his ordinance and analyzes its contents. He reaches into it and pulls out an object to lull the woman with. The father reaches into his uniform and pulls out the picture and stares at it for one last time before he reaches his target. He gazes at it and inhales deeply. He mutters out loud “Wish me luck Hayley. This is our final chance baby.” He kisses his daughter and safely tucks her away into the side pocket of his sports jacket.

He walks up to the receptionist and hands her the business card that he retrieved from his briefcase. The single man smiles at the pretty receptionist. The secretary smiles back and blushes through her make up while snatching the card quickly to cover her embarrassment. She says “Thank you for your interest in our company Mr. Johnson. You will be called into the office where your job interview will begin shortly.”
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