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Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:36 pm
by Musashi1596
LivingSky wrote:So everybody is loving this game for what I can see. Can some one give me the 101 of what this game is about? I saw the trailer on PSN but it have me very little.


Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:43 pm
by Musashi1596
OK seriously though, the bulk of the game consists of flying, earning credits, and pushing towards better ships. You can do this a huge number of ways; exploration, trade, bounty hunting, cargo hauling, data transfer, taxiing, mining, piracy, sabotage, mercenary work, salvage... There are a lot of possibile avenues for you to take.

You'll spend a lot of time flying from point A to point B. The game isn't perfect, for example its co-op is not nearly as deep as it could be, but it's a very involved game and quite compelling.

Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:38 pm
by dazzafett
LivingSky - As Mentioned it is not the Easiest Game to explain as it has so many different aspects to it but your pretty much able to play the game however you want to, The freedom to do this is fantastic.

The Co-Op does really need some further development and also the game is not very good at explaining some pretty crutial things early on like how to manage the Power on your ship but there is a very good shared platform community that has been going since it was first realesed on the PC in 2014 so all new PS4 players can benefit from the wealth of forums and YouTube videos out there to help you out when you get stuck. Saying that tho a big part of the game is discovering things for yourself but it is a very steep learning curve at the very begining so for a new player it is almost crucial to consult the internet.

Do i recommend the game! Hell Yes!
Will you like it, Hmmmm well that depends on what you want to get from it and how much time you are prepared to invest in it as the game is HUGE!
It is certainly not a pick up and play for a short period of time type of game.

Some other stats for you to consider.....
It is based on our own Milky Way Galaxy and pretty much has every known Star included based on real life data logs.

However with over 400billion Stars in our Galaxay and only a small fraction of those actually logged in real life there is also a huge amount of procedurally generated based on proper mathamatical equations and the Laws of Physics. And yes there are actually over 400 billion different Stars in the game!!!

The First person to Discover and report back a scan of any previously undiscovered Celestrial Body will then permenantly have their name tagged to it as the first person to discover it.
(There is a Trophy for this too)
But dont worry tho as currently it is estimated that a lot less than only 0.05% has been discoverd by the joint PC, Xbox and PS4 community and at the current discovery rate it will still take over 100,000 years for everything to be discovered. :shock:

The Game utilises real Laws of Physics where possible, Things Like Gravity and Orbits are fully included (if you know the correct speed and distance and trajectory then you can put your own ship into Orbit around a planet. (Not that you get anything for doing this tho)

There is a Shared community between PC, Xbox and PS4 in terms of the Background Simulation. Cross platform play is not yet possible however things you do in game will impact across all platforms. For one example commodity prices and their current supply and demand can change based on the exploits of the entire shared community.

The PS4 Version includes the Horizons Expansion pack that added being able to land on Planets along with Engineers that you can unlock then use to customise your ships.

Oh and to give you another impression of how big the game is....
If you want to travel to the Super massive Black Hole called Sagitarious A which is right at the center of the Milky way then you need to consider the following.
1) The Best Exploration Ships in the game (that have not been engineered) will give you a 40 light year individual Hyperspace jump with the right set up.
2) Sag A is 22,000ly away from "The Bubble" which is basically what the inhabbited region of the Galaxy is known as and where you start the game.
3) So a simple sum shows that it would take you 550 jumps to reach there if you have the most effective explorer ship and set up.
4) Now when you jump you have to go through a certain procedure of letting the Jump Drive cool down while aligning to the next star, scooping fuel, then watching the hyperspace transition screen before starting the process again.
5) Taking into account that even the most efficient way of doing this still takes at least one minute then it will take you over 9 hours of very efficient and constant jumping before you arrive!!
However that is not really possible however as
a) You will need to take breaks
b) You will have to map your route at least 22 times as you can only plot a course for 1000ly at a time and the course plotting can take time
c) You should really take time to discover and scan things along the way to bring the Data Back to the bubble as that is the whole point of the exploration part of the game
d) Unless you intent to Suicide and Blow your ship up on arrival (Or plunge into the Black Hole)so that you are transported back to the last station you docked at then you still
have to repeat the whole process to get back again and hand in all that data you collected.

So as you can see from that one example (mentioned as there is a Thophy for visiting Sag A) the game is HUGE!
But ultimately its the size and scope of the game that personally makes the game so appealing to me plus there is a big update coming before the end of the year that
is rumoured to be adding some quite significant new content.

Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:10 pm
by Musashi1596
Ah, for fuck's sake. I got dropped to 50% when the CG finished, losing out on 7 million. That's really annoying.

Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:21 am
by dazzafett
Same thing happened to me!
I also just dropped from top 25% to 50% on the Collection one as well which i think is now into Tier 6. Was going to see tonight if it is worth doing another run to drop off more but
I am busy doing engineering stuff at the moment.
Last night i made a trip out to buy some Soontil Relics then took them over to Elvira which was a bit of a trek from my starting point but its done now so can use her to upgrade my Shield Gen to Level 3.
I also Upgraded Selene Jean to Rank 5 but i was not able to upgrade the Armour to Grade 5 yet so had just got some Grade 4 for now.
For Grade 5 i need to get some Core Dynamics Composites. I have the Compound Shielding and Tungsten already so need to start hitting some of the USS High Grade Emmisions sites in the hope of getting some, It is listed as Very Rare tho so may take so Praying to RNGesus as well.

In Ranking up Both Selene Jean and Elvira Martuuk i have now recieved a number of other invites that i need to investigate.

So far i am reaping the benefits of my Grade 5 FSD, boy does it make a difference. I can get anything between 26-28ly from my Python at the moment depending on my set up and
thats without really trying to see how much more i could squeeze out of it by going for some of the more lightweight options.

The 2.4 update is getting ever closer which will then be adding all the new Thargoid stuff so i want to have unlocked Prof Palin by the time that happens. You need to have travelled 5000ly away from your starting point to get the invite and then give him 25 unknown fragments to unlock.
I have the Fragments already after the current CG so just need to plan the trip now.
I might set up a Dedicated Explorer Ship with a very good Jump Range as it would be good to get there and back over a weekend.
I am thinking of either an Asp Exp or a Diamondback Exp so need to investigate what will suit me better, Money is not really an issue as i have plenty in the bank at the moment so could get either of them at full spec.

Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:32 am
by dazzafett
Hardly spent much time doing the CGs at all last week but still ended up in the Top 50% for both which netted me 30m Cr.

This week is another Rare commodity delivery along with the usual combat. They are in different systems this week tho and are quite far apart.
Also the Rare commodity one has 3 different ones that are all a fair distance in opposite directions from the station you need to deliver to.
I did one round trip to pick up the max amount for all 3 before delivering all in one go. Took quite a lot of travelling even with my 28ly jump range Python but was enough to place
me in the top 25% to start with. I will monitor it and perhaps do one more run if i drop down but i dont want to spend too much time on it.
I also spent 15mins in a High Res site at the other system just to get on the board and raised 500k of bounties but most of that came from one Conda with a handful of much lower level ships making up the rest. Was enough to start me off in the top 50% but will do a few more runs tonight to top it up a bit then get back to unlocking engineers and gathering materials.

Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:28 pm
by Lieutenant Fatman
Hopefully one of these will still be going by the time I get back to the bubble, I reckon I have about another 14,000 light years to go yet.

Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 5:15 pm
by dazzafett
Ooooo did you head off to Sag A then?

Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 6:47 pm
by Lieutenant Fatman
Yep, it's a long old trek! More than a 20 hour round trip for me. Hopefully that data will be worth a lot.

Re: Community Goals

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 6:50 pm
by dazzafett
Cool, you did take a DSS as well as the ADS didn't you. That's where the big money comes from.

What ship did you use and what Jump range do you get from it?