Battlefield 4 BETA

Battlefield 4 BETA

Postby Neoroman » Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:46 am

Okay, this is important: This is only a thread for the beta!

I would like this thread to be closed shortly after the beta comes to a close to provide time necessary to give post-responses.


So for those of you participating in the beta, please share your experiences and opinions thus far. And please try and keep your synopses in one post. Just edit it multiple times so we can keep it organized.


My thoughts so far:

+ Movement is SUPER slick now. The automatic leaning around corners is reminiscent of Red Orchestra 2 but so much more controllable, along with vaulting, parachuting and just overall running around.

+ The game looks beautiful, even on fairly old GPU's.

+ Overall game feel is superb. Battlefield once again living up to its name.

+ Guns look, feel and sound better. Not much to see here. Guns are guns.

- Hit detection is SUPER shitty. You have to jimmy the crosshairs in a way that it fires slightly to the right and always to the right. Never the left, but the right. This is especially true with the Engineer.

- Damage is wonky all over the place. Sometimes, you'll fire on a guy in short bursts for a good 3 seconds and he's left with around 50% health yet as soon as you see someone turn to shoot you, you instantaneously die. Expect MANY kills from players that are far away from you and/or with snipers, that is, if they killed anyone if the shot wasn't in the eyeball.

This also applies to vehicles as well. Tanks will take multiple shots from an RPG to even make a dent, which is more than two. I fired three at a single tank (without a repairman) and no smoke or nothing. Helicopters at this point in time are virtually indestructible because of no lock-on launchers.

- Most gameplay-changing elements are not as prominent as expected. I have not yet seen a scene where the main skyscraper has fallen due to extensive damage. The same can be said for elevators and lights. Shooting out lights doesn't help much since almost the entirety of the stage is lit to some degree and elevators have already become a farming method. Have one or two people guard it, free kills.

- There's really no point to any of the strategical mechanics in terms of your soldier. The main example I'm getting at here is the auto "look around corner" mechanic. Sure, it looks and feels great, but when enemies start shooting, it feels no different than just standing out in the open: they will still shoot and hit you as if there were nothing in front of you. They have nothing else to hit but your head so it's closer to a death sentence if you don't have something on the ground like a planter to give yourself additional cover.

BUGS - Okay, how can I NOT include this!?

• When prone, you will often inch forward without pressing a button and will have to jimmy the controls to keep yourself still.

• (Not sure about this one) Health packs seem to heal substantially less, maybe giving you a good 15% back. There are only two or three a single soldier can carry, mind you.

• For fuck's sake DICE, stop making people disappear for 5 seconds after they spawn! :P

Additional Notes:

- The learning curve is not all large. You get very used to the pacing and jimmying of the system in about two or three games.

- Unlocks and leveling up are slower than usual. A single gun unlock can feel like beating an entire game at times.

Expect this list to grow in the near future!
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Re: Battlefield 4 BETA

Postby Ricco » Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:10 pm

My thoughst for the xbox version: FUCKING HORRIBLE !
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Re: Battlefield 4 BETA

Postby Musashi1596 » Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:18 pm

Ricco wrote:My thoughst for the xbox version: FUCKING HORRIBLE !

Nice. Constructive.

Here's my impressions after my first match, a decisive Conquest victory.

I agree about the movement, it feels far better than the fact you hold the weapons differently at corners is a nice touch. Vaulting objects feels far more fluid than in BF3. The guns sound amazing, I mean I thought they sounded good in BF3 but it's been taken up to another level. The sound quality of the game is outstanding. The guns also seem to handle better when you're aiming down their sights. Alas, recoil seems somewhat reduced.

Shame you hadn't seen much in terms of level changers, Roman, but I was very quick to see it. My first death was from a wall collapsing on me, and I respawned just in time to see a skyscraper go down. There was then some fighting in its ruins. The interaction looks nice, I saw a few buttons dotted about for things like opening shutters, but didn't really get a chance to see what they did.

Personally, I thought hit detection was pretty good, and the guns felt far punchier than they used to. There were a few times where it felt like I dealt less damage than I should, but I put it down to hitting them in the arms or whatever. The RPG feels a lot more destructive... You say there are no homing launchers but I'm pretty sure I managed to lock on with my regular RPG. I uploaded a video; it's only really visible on the third shot because I hadn't clocked that it locked on before that. Naturally, this did not occur with every vehicle, so there must have been something else in place; a designation by someone in a Commander role, perhaps.

I also want to give special mention to the HUD. The HUD in BF3 had been a longtime complaint of mine; when you tried to capture an objective, it would fill your screen and make it hard to see some things. That's no longer a problem. But, what really impressed me, is that they introduced optional HUD opacity. I asked for this ages ago and they said they would consider it, but I never expected that they would actually do it. Although it only applies to persistent HUD and not objective markers, which is unfortunate.

Not sure why they've made the default controls COD-style. Not overly keen on it though I am sure it can be changed. The Select button opening Battlelog is going to suck though; more than once I went to spot a target and opened the menu up, leaving me completely vulnerable (fortunately they didn't know I was there yet). The new commands accessed with R2 should be useful too.

Oh, and having a mode exclusively for infantry combat is brilliant.

Managed a melee counterattack, which was awesome.
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Re: Battlefield 4 BETA

Postby dahawk » Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:37 pm

I take most problems in this beta with a grain of salt seeing as its an old version of the game and its running on current gen tech. As for gameplay, The controls are annoying, the set i used in BF3 isn't there. The chopper and land vehicle controls are similar to the ones in the original bad company so I manage but its still different. I fear that i'm going to have to learn how to fly a jet all over again once the full game comes out.
The weapon pick ups seem a bit superfluous, something they added to the game just because they could.
The whole levolution thing is cool other than the bridges. We should be able to destroy those, but instead someone thought of button controlled road barriers that are somehow indestructible. Lame.
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Re: Battlefield 4 BETA

Postby marc26rpg7 » Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:01 am

I think it it is a pretty good beta.
My Likes-
Destruction physics are back.
Ranking system for Assault Rifles and Pistols.
Vehicles have good handling
My Dislikes-
Destruction physics aren't nearly as good as bfbc2.
The one map you get is kind of bare.
Occasional freezes, bugs and server issues. But it is a beta from EA nonetheless could be much worse.

Over all most of the mechanics work fine. :-D
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