Headbanger's Guide #15 - Pacific Myth by Protest The Hero

Headbanger's Guide #15 - Pacific Myth by Protest The Hero

Postby A7XDrumCovers » Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:34 am

Guess who's back again..... AGAIN! :mrgreen:

I decided since my guides were popular around here I would share more music I've been getting down to. Prior to that, I wanna get a few things mentioned first:

1. Since my departure, I have moved into a new college and I've been really happy with it. It was voted the best music school in all of Canada, and it is really fun! I've been learning everything from Music Theory, to Studio Techniques, to Digital Audio Principles, I'm basically listing my classes haha. There's 14 classes right now, and I'll have 13 exams this term that are all over 50% of my mark or more -- so yeah, I am fucking busy as hell hahahaha :-D :cry: Not to mention the term ends in August and I'm back in mid september, as I am in school 11 months out of the year.

2. With this new knowledge, I know have a better understanding of music technically, as well as how digital music is made. I've been using programs like Reason 8, Pro Tools and Logic Pro X to learn how to edit, mix, and create both recorded audio and midi. So now I can further appreciate music a little more. Obviously the music theory helps that, too.

Anyways, with that stuff out of the way, let's talk about this... uh... Album? EP? Not really sure what they call it, but it's great. It is only available on BandCamp so for anyone who wants to purchase the album, subscribe to their site, you will get the album.

Let's put it this way: It's worth every cent of it, especially if you're into heavier progressive music. Like, Constant Motion by Dream Theater kind of progressive.

There are 2 versions of each song, but for this review I am using the original version, not the instrumental. Although the added guitar in the instrumental version is pretty sick. The biggest thing to mention is that their previous album, Volition, is my favourite album of all time, and I think that I even did a guide to that album somewhere in this forum. However, this album is just fantastic in more ways than one, and it almost might be just as good as Volition. There's just so much majestic power in this whole thing and I've never felt so excited to hear a riff like this. It gave me chills the first time I heard it.

1. Ragged Tooth
"What unknown face now breaks the silence?
What tipping force disturbs the balance? "
As soon as those words come in, with the chilling atmosphere of the instrumentation, it's incredibly inviting but yet such a question is easily unanswered by the artist, leaving you in a position of theorizing what any of this could mean. There's a science to lyrics and I think PTH knows the science more than almost any other Metal band I've ever heard. On the other side of the spectrum, the drums are just impeccable. Such a strangely complex rhythm but yet so fitting for the mood, it's super deep. The guitar for a lot of the heavier parts sounds fantastic, and accompanies the singer for a lot of it, and it works extremely well. It's not super often that the guitar will be practically harmonizing with the voice in prog, but in this situation it sounds so damn good! I think this is one of the best songs by Protest to listen to if you're looking for great guitar, both rhythm and lead sound amazing here.

2. Tidal
Kind of funny, as I was researching this song, I noticed this song shares the same lyrics as the previous song, but they're at the very end. Didn't even catch onto that until I listened for it. Anyways, this song is really interesting. If you've heard their song Drumhead Trial, this is pretty much the same story here. A great follow up song to the first, and a very contradicting sound as well. Most likely planned that way. There's some really catchy riffs here even if they aren't all that complicated, not that it matters. The bridge in this song is one of my favourite segments to a song by Protest ever. It's almost like an epic battle of something beyond our control, that ends in near death experience, and returns to the action once more before going to that epic outtro. This song is also the start of a trend to this album: Not many of their songs are long, but this entire album is filled with longer than usual songs from their catalog. This one is 6 minutes, but there are more on this album that are even longer. For 6 songs, it's pretty damn jam packed. The drums are a nice accompaniment, too. I guess thats the best I can say about that. Also, the bass is pretty prominent here, which I love.

3. Cold Water
Absolutely amazing song. One of the best they've ever done. The bass here is the best it's been the whole album, I love high notation on bass, it just sounds so epic and aggressive. The key is also a semi-happy sounding one, so this is a very good pick-me-up kind of metal song, giving you plenty of energy. This song also has some of Rody's best vocals. He doesn't range a whole lot, but the phrasing is perfect. The guitar is by far some of the best guitar, if not the best guitar I've ever heard come from any PTH song yet. It's technical, it's catchy, it's fun, and it never becomes over-the-top. This is what we need more of. This is what I would like to see other metal bands try to venture into. Sure, maybe not copy off these guys, but at least take inspiration from the energy and the imagination in every section. The drums are kind of straight forward but it works too much for me to warrant a change. Everything is perfect. Couldn't ask for better.

4. Cataract
This one is alright. The beginning riff was what hit me the most. It is super inviting, and catchy beyond belief. The vocals are great here, but it almost towers over everything else, and that kind of sucks. The guitar can't be as appreciated anymore because of it. The guitar is great, though. The drums really get their shine here, if you're looking for technicality, this is for you. Although again, the vocals are very powerful and kind of become the focal point. I love you Rody, but I love everyone else too!

5. Harbinger
Instant chills. Then instant mosh pit. Then the best chorus I may have ever heard in my entire life. My god, this intro is how you do metal. This right here, is not defining metal by any means, but it certainly shows what you can do with your sound to create something you can remember forever. This is by far the most insane, and dare I say, the most risky song on the album. Every part is stretching out what they do to the max, and making something magical. The length of the song is extremely fitting as well, every piece of the song is exactly the right length to feel satisfying. The riffs are phenomenal, the drumming is miraculous, and the vocals in the chorus are something to cry over. It all works so damn well. And once again, the bass player strikes with the higher bass, and it sounds awesome to fill in any leftover blanks in the song. This and Cold Water are pure fucking gold.

6. Caravan
Sharing a song title with Rush, another prog rock band I'm sure you've all heard of, is quite a feat. Then you compare the 2 songs and it's pretty hilarious how different they are. Still, although I do honestly like the Rush Caravan better, this song is great. It harks back to albums Kezia and Volition a lot (with a little Fortress too). The beginning is cream-filled with riffs that scream Volition, then it transitions to Kezia during a key change, then we get some Fortress in there, and a little hint of the song Drumhead Trial in a tiny riff, then we're getting a throwback to what sounds like an alternative version to A Life Embossed from Volition. The ending is my favourite part of the whole song, which makes sense cause Life Embossed was the same way. The song is super powerful with its insane guitar phrasing and super fun drums, and the very complicated vocals all the way through. The entire song is the longest song they've ever done, at nearly 9 minutes, they are finally going to Rush levels of song lengths, and this song is an epic on its own. So many different key changes and distinguishable sections, this is a song worth headbanging to.

So, that's it! 6 great songs to take in, I hope you like them just as much as I do! Until next time (let's hope that's not in like 8 more months!) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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