Headbanger's Guide Update

Headbanger's Guide Update

Postby A7XDrumCovers » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:56 am

Since I'm half asleep, I can't make one right this moment for as much as I want to with my current inspiration from going to a decent record company's music studio today.
Right now though, I do want to talk about what guides I want to do for the next while.
Of course, as you might have seen before, I made a vote on which ones you wanted to see the most. Only four people voted, thank you to those people, though, and not a single one of you wanted Death Magnetic.
I feel like I shouldn't be surprised but I am. I guess people don't need to hear about a good recovery album from S&M.
*Gets booed off stage for statement*
Ahh fuck off, it was awful.
Anyway.. So, let's talk about what's going to come next. I have lots planned, but I've just been busy with things outside of my writing. As you might also know, I'm working on a script for an Avenged Sevenfold Documentary. I have more done, haven't edited the post in a while though. Regardless, back on topic.
The first guide you'll see is for an Epic. Finally Mark can know what I had in store for him, and I'm pretty sure he knew what it was going to be.
The ultimate Epic, 2112. It SHAPED Rush, it represents their talent, and their vision. Caress of Steel was almost their end, but then this song came along and turned the band into the Pied Piper.
Next is the second Obscure Gems episode. I'll give you the song list I plan on talking about. Once again keep in mind, as a Canadian these are the songs I personally felt were obscure. They are fairly popular, but only to the people who really took a fancy at each band. The songs are:
New York Groove - Both made by Kiss
Holy Smoke by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Just a little tidbit, or as Canadians might say, a timbit (hehe), Mighty Mighty Bosstones were responsible for the creation of the AFV theme song. :-)
Next after that is the Evanescence Self-Titled album. I love some of the songs off this album, and people really need to check it out. It has such a vibe that can literally make you cry. It's intense, but yet emotional.
After that, we have the new Protest The Hero album, Volition. I am borrowing it off of a friend to check out tomorrow, so I hope I can write a good section about it when we get there. I've already heard it once, but I need to fully study it to grasp it.
Lastly, is kind of a special surprise inside. I wanted to implement the VGM post Mark left us in the music section into my guides. So, I have decided to take my favourite music from some of my favourite games and talk about them. A few old, about 15-20 years ago old, but honestly, most of the games are about a decade difference new. Regardless, I wanted to make it a really decent list, and it's pretty big, so it will be a little less descriptive and a bit more just presentation, which is fine, because otherwise I could sound like a broken record.

Thanks everyone for waiting around patiently, I'm gathering all my brain power and getting ready to get back into writing. Special thanks to Mark and the team too, who gave me the honour of MoM a while back.

Until the soon-to-be-coming guide, farewell.
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