Part 2 of Headbangers Guide Ep10 coming

Part 2 of Headbangers Guide Ep10 coming

Postby A7XDrumCovers » Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:51 am

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't made on of the Guides in a while. I doubt you guys truly miss it, however, I am actually still working on things. I've been really busy with work and youtube, plus my friend from Scotland visited for a while, so I've been all over the place and I'm just getting to the point where I can settle down.

To add more stress on me, my cat had passed away at a very young age and I was very very close to my cat (Especially because I'm a huge animal lover). It pretty much killed my entire emotional state, and now I'm just trying to take control of everything before it just blows away.

In conclusion, I have decided that I am going to plan out part 2 to come out soon, and also the next few episodes. What can you expect? It's actually quite difficult to say.

I hesitated at one point, over the idea of a Guitar Hero themed episode, covering a particular game from the series, and typically giving out an overall rating after looking at some of the songs available. I figured this one wouldnt go well, so I kind of left the idea alone. If you guys would like, ill gladly still write an article about it.

Next was the idea of doing a review of the new Avenged Sevenfold album coming August 27th "Hail To The King". Honestly, I feel that this might turn out to be a bad episode because the drummer had past away, and since he wrote about 70-90% of the songs, including all but one song from Nightmare, I don't think that the band would have much positive feedback on the new arrival. If you still want it, ill deliver.

Finally, a foreign metal song list came to mind. I think I might do this one still, it really draws my attention and some of the bands don't get heard of very much even though they deserve to be heard. Those bands are to be kept a secret, but there is one that is actually pretty memorable. Foreign metal being Europe and Asia, however not exactly the UK or Scotland or Ireland. So no, you won't be hearing any Iron Maiden from that episode. ;-)

Anyways, hope this helped full out some news. Until part 2 of episode 10, farewell.
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