Dead Space 2 DLC trailer!

Dead Space 2 DLC trailer!

Postby jgrimes » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:18 pm

“Dead Space 2″ is young, much like the baby necromorphs players cut apart during protagonist Isaac Clarke’s desperate fight for survival in a space city gone to hell. The game released just last month - January 25th for PlayStation 3 and Xbox360. That isn’t stopping publisher EA – whose base if brilliant marketing campaign for the action-horror title informed gamers that their mothers would hate it – from releasing additional content for players to download.

Keep reading for details on the “Severed” DLC, a trailer featuring more gory mayhem and some thoughts on the upcoming content.

According to EA, the “Severed” DLC for PS3 and Xbox360 will cost $6.99 and 560 MS Points, respectively. Returning characters Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdoch (from the formerly Wii-exclusive prequel, “Dead Space: Extraction”) are the focus of two new chapters set on The Sprawl – the same ruined research colony-cum-city that served as the hellish backdrop for “Dead Space 2.” Hopefully this won’t mean recycled locations. Another stroll through the same abandoned apartment complexes and dim hallways series hero Isaac Clarke already fought through would reduce both anticipation and anxiety.

The black sheep of the “Dead Space” series, “Extraction” received a cold commercial reception on the Wii upon its 2009 release. Despite the inherent limits of its genre, the on-rails shooter successfully expanded the franchise’s story and penchant for extreme violence. Subtle nods are even present in the full-fledged sequel – particularly one grueling scene of self-mutilation that echoes a similarly horrific act players were forced to endure in “Extraction.” Gamers who finished the original release or the PS3-only port will no doubt be curious about just how things turn out for the two perpetually screwed survivors this time.

The return of “Extraction” character Nathan “One Arm” McNeill is yet unknown.

Surprisingly, post-release support for the multiplayer portion of “Dead Space 2″ seems to be an afterthought.
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