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Postby Gosu360 » Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:31 pm

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[size=150:3k6ndp9x]It sucks to be in the Dead Space universe. If you\'re not turned into a horribly mutated zombie, then you\'re being ripped apart by aforementioned zombies. The upcoming Dead Space Extraction for Wii certainly places its characters between a rock and a really horrible, bloody place. The latest dev diary for the rail shooter reveals the characters of the game, and talks about how each character has their own unique motivations. They are united by one thing though: the incredible desire not to meet a bloody, guts-splattering death.

One key thing to note about Extraction is that it\'s far more story-driven than the first game, offering five times the dialogue as the original. Considering you\'re traveling with a group of people, instead of exploring solo, that makes a lot of sense. It\'ll be interesting to see how the Wii audience responds to yet another third-party M-rated game.
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