League Rules

League Rules

Postby Crime-Slug » Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:52 pm

-3 points shall be awarded to winners of the match, 1 point for a draw, and none for a loss

-A schedule of 4 matches each will be released once a week,usually saturday or sunday.You must play those 4 matches during that week and before the next set of fixtures are released.You do not have to play the matches in any order,as long as you play them it doesnt matter what order they are played.Arrange a time with the opposing team to have these matches played during that week.

-At the end of the week we will record your scores and update a table so you can see your progress.

- All home teams are responsible to post match facts on the board.
- This has to Include:
*Scorers for both teams.
*Cards,for both teams

- Unless a valid reason for not being able to play your weekly match schedule is submitted to the league management team, the following will apply:
If there is no match report or results posted by the end of the fixtures deadline,the result will be given as a 0-0 draw.

-Last man hacking is frowned upon, however slide tackling the attacker with your
last man as long as it\'s not blatantly from behind is permitted (it may result in a red for your player who will be suspended) but it is legal to try and stop a opponent who is breaking away if done so from the side. Any blatant attemps at a last man hack are to be reported to league management team.

-After a match you must post the result of the match, the goal scorers and any yellow or red cards shown.

-We will tally up the yellow cards and red cards, if a certain player receives 3 yellow cards in the tournament he will be banned for 1 weeks match schedule, if a player receives 1 red card he will also be banned for 1 weeks match schedule.The ban is for the next avaliable match schedule ,but you must remember not to play him,check the suspended player list thread in your league section.

-We will add notes when a player is banned or suspended.

-It is the responsiblity of both players to ensure that no suspended players are involved in a game

-We will update banned lists at every opportunity,YOU MUST NOT PLAY THE BANNED PLAYER as you will be deducted points,even if you do lose the match,and you\'ve played the banned player,you face getting a further ban for the player and a possible points deduction.

-So please,when posting game results,make sure u post yellow and red cards,if you fail to do this,and your opponent picks up on it,and complains,again,u may face a further ban for not posting or informing the league of the infractions.

-If a disconnection occurs during game play, we recommend you to play another match, like so if Team A is playing Team B, Team A is winning 2-1, on 60th minute a disconnection occurs, both players record the score up to that time with goal scorers, any yellow/red cards then replay another match by waiting till the 60th minute in the match then starting to play the match properly. If Team A received a red card in the first match and in second match you find it unfair that he didn’t have that disadvantage the admin squad shall resolve the situation.

-10 Minute Rule
If lag is making a game unplayable, quit in the first 10minutes (preferably before any goals are scored). A replay will then be required. If you are past this mark and are losing when you quit, then you will be credited with the loss. We know this is harsh, but what we really want to encourage is, if its unplayable, quit straight away. That way you leave yourself no room for accusations of \'dummy spitting\'. A replay will then be attempted.
Try and keep this sort of thing amicable. There is no need to publicly lambast your opponent, and doing so will be frowned upon. If you can\'t deal with the issue between you and your opponent, contact your league admin and he will resolve the issue for you.



* The Home Team will Host the game so has to invite.
* The Away Team will be the guest.
* This is not negotiable.
* If a Player quits the match during a match,he will be given 1 weeks suspension,wich means he will be given straight 3-0 defeats for that weeks match schedule on top of the 3-0 automatic loss for the match he quit,unless a valid reason is given,this is not negotiable.

Match Settings:

* Ranked 12mins Match Length - (6 minute Halves)
* No Extra Time
* No Penalties
* 4 Pauses
* 3 Subs
* live season must be turned off (Unless agreed otherwise)
It is recommended that you quit the game before it starts if you or your opponent has live season Turned on. If you play with live season enabled and your opponent complains you will get a loss, please check before matches if your opponent has Live season enabled.
Its a difficult Rule this one,as I can say its up to both teams to agree if it should be on or off, so for best results and no arguing please let your opponent know before the match if you want him to turn it off.

-Pausing is only allowed when ball out of play or in keepers hands, pausing the game in match is not allowed, if you do it and get a complaint, u will be given a warning, do it again and u will face a points deduction.

-Please post any questions here!

-By joining the Prestige Gamerz Fifa Leagues you FULLY UNDERSTAND that the league management team\'s decisions are final and any sort of backlash that is caused by this might eliminate you from any future competitions

More rules will be added and finalised, but i have alot of maths coursework to do this week :oops:
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Re: League Rules

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Rawr :P Ace has arrived
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