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The Conversation

Postby Axikal » Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:52 am

He looked across the mahogany table at his acquaintance. Stuffed into a small but comfortable suit jacket, the other man looked across at him then turned away. A fire crackled with life and warmth in front of him and was his focus at the moment. The acquaintance sniffled and reached down for a cigar. As he brought it up to his lips for a puff he seemed to be in the deepest of thought. Outside, the crickets sang songs of love, of mating, of life.
Mandin looked about the room without moving his head. It was decked in various woods (oak, ceder, maple) and adorned with books; shelves filled with ageless volumes; untold stories and mysteries abounded. His acquaintance was an earthly man, with earthly tastes: this man named \"Verik\".
Mandin assumed that \"Verik\" was definitely a nickname, for his companion of this hour held the air of an Englishman (and the accent too). \"Verik\" sounded too Norge to properly fit this man. Then again, Mandin wasn\'t always correct, and people, were just illusions to him.

Verik cleared his throat and turned back to Mandin.

\"So Jack.\" his voice rang with the bells of London \"What did you make of it all?\"

\"Honestly, Verik? I found it to be highly distasteful. Why did you ask me to be involved in the first place?\"

Verik chuckled. \"Truthfully told, I figured it would amuse you.\"

\"But you hardly know me. Why on Earth would you assume as much?\"

\"Because in our short time, I\'ve found us to be of same mind; of soul.\" He looked into Verik\'s eyes. Behind their stony greyness, he beheld a look of compassion, of connection.

The fire leaped and danced, the embers waltzing about, breaking all darkness around it. Mandin thought for a moment. Had they not just met this night? It was but a few hours ago he had been walking along Acrist Street when he had bumped into Verik. He had been wrapped in a grey cloak that matched the stones along the street. Mandin had asked him merely for the time, and time was exactly what Verik had given him.
Here he was, having gazed upon something that sent shivers and disgust up his spine. There were no words in the human language to adequately describe what he saw. Yet, he felt safe here, comfortable. It was like being home, but he couldn\'t shake the disgust from his body. It was coating him, like a slime. He desperately wanted to take a shower, to wipe away the filthiness he felt.

\"Does it really bother you that much Jack?\"

\"What bothers me is that you know my real name, but I do not know yours.\"

\"Really..?\" Verik began to ponder what Mandin had said, as if it was of a most profound nature. He then looked at Mandin with a sly smile. \"Do I really know your \'real name\'? Or is that just what your birthrights gave to you? What is a \'real name\' anyway? Can we have a name?\"
Mandin felt utterly uncomfortable with the line of questioning. He had not been prepared to answer such things, nor did he feel capable (ever) of answering them. Verik saw this written on his face and chuckled.

\"Don\'t give it too much thought. I\'m merely trying to lighten your spirits. I know your \'name\' as much as you know mine. Remember, what you call a \'name\' is merely the product of the human mind. We have no \'permanent\' mark other than our existence. Everything else, is just dust. Unimportant. Futile.\"

Mandin thought for a moment and nodded his head in agreement. It seemed surreal -- being here, hearing this, thinking this way -- but he understood. At least, he liked to think so.

\"After all, what should you trust more: The name, or the person behind the name?\"

A wave swept over Mandin as the thought encroached on his senses. A slight understanding in his mind sparked him to speak; to question.

\"But, Verik, back to what you showed me.\"

\"Yes?\" the fire threw lights across Verik\'s face, giving him an almost sage-like appearance.

\"What.. what was it exactly?\"

\"Merely the soul. Humanity. You have seen what others cannot. Which is for the best. Most are not capable of comprehending, let alone withstanding the truths you have seen tonight.\"

\"How do I know it\'s true though?\"

\"If it were not, would you feel the way you do? The answer is in your bones, your heart, your mind and your soul. You know what is true. You know what is not.\"

Mandin wrinkled his brow in annoyance. \"I hate that.\"


\"That enigmatic speech of yours.\"

\"Life is only intresting when it is an enigma. If you knew everything, would you care as much as you do? What would be your purpose?\"

\"To teach others? To spread that knowledge? I would think that would be most proper. Everything has a purpose does it not?\"

\"Not necessarily.\"

Mandin had to pause at that. It was an answer he did not expect.

\"Sometimes, things just... happen.\"

Outside, the crickets\' songs began to wane. Verik stood up and stared into the fire.

\"I believe it is time for us to part ways. Know that I will always be here, though I will not always answer.\"

Mandin rose, mostly against his will. He began to walk towards the door, but Verik placed a hand on his shoulder.

\"One should never hold all the answers. No one person, being, or object could withstand it. Just, accept and be. Take care my friend. Mind the cold.\"

And with that, Jack Mandin found himself standing on the sidewalk. He looked around, and shivered in the brisk October air. He wrapped his coat around him and took a step towards Grisby Lane. He looked back once, but Verik\'s abode had vanished. Mandin furrowed his brow, and turned eastward. The sun had begun to rise and his body felt renewed. As he stood there, taking in all he had learned, he finally took his first step into the new day.

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Re:The Conversation

Postby Musashi1596 » Sun Jun 06, 2010 12:54 am

In my professional opinion,

Mandin be trippin\'
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Re:The Conversation

Postby Gosu360 » Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:47 am

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