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Exchange Of Words

Postby Axikal » Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:29 pm

\"Tell me where the fucking safe is, Xavier! Right now!\"

Xavier grinned, \"I have no idea what you\'re talking about, man.\"

\"Bullshit! Kape told me you had the whole shipment of Jagercaine in a safe here. So you\'d better produce it all, right the fuck now.\" Mackenroy kept the gun held onto Xavier as he walked around the office. \"You know damn well how good that shit\'s selling on the market right now, and my interests expect me to deliver on the trend.\"

Xavier kept grinning as he watched Mackenroy attempt to search the office while keeping the gun trained on him. \"That\'s a myth. No such drug exists. It\'s all been a \'down-the-alley\' ploy by Urdel and his shitmop crew to explain their sudden hold on the markets around here. You\'re chasing a blue ghost, my friend.\"

Mackenroy stopped at the chair by Xavier\'s desk, and looked up at his captive. \"You talk too fucking much, do you know that?\" He walked away from the chair and strode back towards him. \"We\'ve all seen the results of the drug. Nothing else on the streets pulls the same symptoms. DON\'T TRY TO TAKE ME FOR A FUCKING FOOL!\" He pushed the barrel of his Eagle onto Xavier\'s forehead with a quick strike, causing him to fall down.

\"Don\'t fucking do that! Goddamnit!\" Xavier cried out and covered up his forehead. \"Look you asshole, even if Jagercaine existed, why the FUCK would I have it? I\'m just Giorgio\'s errand b...\" he was broken off in mid-sentence by Mackenroy pistol-whipping him.

\"The FUCK you are! Anyone with a bit of common goddamn sense knows that you\'re really running the shots on his turf. You\'re one of the biggest suppliers in the area, and we all fucking know it! I said it before: DON\'T TAKE ME FOR A FUCKING FOOL!\"
Mackenroy walked over to Xavier\'s desk and took his chair out from behind it. He rummaged through the drawers of the desk, and took out a roll of duct tape. He walked over to Xavier, and began to tie him to the chair, making sure the tape was wound tightly around him. \"This\'ll make it easier on me, won\'t it, you cunt?\"

After Xavier was tied up, Mackenroy went back to searching the office for the safe. He tossed all of the books off the bookshelves, but there was nothing behind them. He pulled down the giant portrait of Xavier off the wall, but nothing behind that as well. He stood and scanned the room. Where the fuck is this thing? Obviously Xavier doesn\'t like to fuck around with his shipments, so there must be a place where he keeps the best stuff hidden. He walked back over behind the desk, and got down on his hands and knees.
He crawled along the floor for a good ten minutes before he heard a hollow thud from where his left foot was. He grinned and spun around. Sure enough, there was a frayed outline underneath the desk. How the hell did I miss that?! He crawled over to the outline, and began to wedge his fingers underneath the carpeting. Once he had a hold on it, he lifted the carpet and looked down at the door to Xavier\'s safe.You magnificent bastard. So this is how you do it. He stood up and walked over to Xavier who was just shaking off being knocked out.

\"C\'mon you lousy shit. Snap out of it. I found your safe. What\'s the combination?\"

Xavier spit out some blood and glared at Mackenroy, \"The fuck I\'d tell you.\"

Mackenroy swung his fist into Xavier\'s chin and asked again, \"What\'s the combination?! Tell me or I\'ll simply beat the combination out of you!\" He swung at him again, connecting to the right side of his jaw.
Xavier was now coughing up blood, but continued to grin at Mackenroy. \"I ain\'t telling you a fuckin thing, you shithead. You might as well just shoot me right now. Then we\'ll see how tough you are when Giorgio puts one out on your head.\" He began to laugh and winced from the pain.
Mackenroy was enraged and aimed his gun at Xavier. He was no longer concerned with keeping his captive alive. \"You\'ve got til 3 to tell me the combination, you slimeshit.\" He placed the barrel against Xavier\'s right temple. \"1.\"

Xavier squirmed in his seat, but kept grinning.


Xavier\'s left eye twitched, but he remained silent.

\"3!\" Mackenroy began to squeeze the trigger.

\"FUCK YOU!\" Xavier bellowed out as Mackenroy fired the gun, spraying his brain across the wall. Xavier slumped over and his weight dragged him and the chair to the floor. Mackenroy took a step back and assessed the situation. He had just killed one of the district\'s biggest suppliers, and Giorgio was going to be royally pissed. Now how the fuck am I going to get that safe open? He looked down and saw that the fall had knocked one of Xavier\'s shoes loose. Hanging out of the shoe was a corner of something yellow. Mackenroy bent down to see what it was. A smile swept across his face as he read the numbers off the small slip.

\"You always were a fucking idiot, weren\'t you?\"

Mackenroy walked over to the safe, and put in the numbers written on the paper. The door to the safe opened, and sitting inside was enough Jagercaine to supply at least three districts worth of addicts. It took him about ten minutes to collect all of the product, but at last he had finally loaded the last case. As he was leaving, he took out the small slip of paper he\'d taken off of Xavier\'s corpse. Mackenroy tossed the paper at the corpse, and it landed in a pool of his blood. As he walked out, he laughed at the irony; laughed at the contents, now slowly highlighted in their owner\'s own life, and his last words.
\"\'06-00-21\' too.\"

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Re:Exchange Of Words

Postby jimitwotimes » Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:19 am

Nice mix of dialog and narration. And what lovely use of the C-bomb.
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Re:Exchange Of Words

Postby badger2theface » Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:20 am

Very nice. Very dramatic. Badger approves! :D
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