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The Switch

PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 5:25 pm
by Axikal
He slowly grazed his fingers along the switch on the wall. He lightly caressed each contour and shape embedded into its surface, and made his way slowly towards the center of the room. A chair sat in the midst of the gloom, and dark; a halo of light shone down, grittily upon the wooden framework. It was here, here in the mess of wood and light. His answer. He leaned in close to the chair, and admired its craftsmanship. Various grains and knots adorned the Cris-crossing segments that made up the back; simple cuts elegantly etched into the solid legs that held the seat aloft. The seat itself was made of a soft, woven fabric. He was unsure of what it was, but it felt sturdy, secure, safe.

He slowly made his way around the chair, and walked to the outer rim of the light. He peered off into the darkness that obscured the rest of the room. It was completely un-necessary, as the chair, switch, and door were the only objects of the room. Beneath his feet lay a simple marble design, both firm and sturdy. He began to follow the halo\'s outer circle, counting each step. He looked back to the chair, and smiled weakly at it. He strode back to where it stood, and gently sat down in the seat. Satisfied that it would hold his weight, he clapped his hands once... and nothing happened. He clapped them again, and the lights went out.