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Postby Axikal » Sat Nov 14, 2009 5:47 pm

Ax\'s Notes: The following poem was writ for a friend of mine, who\'s close friend "Matt" died in January, 2008
Four lines were edited for this posting, so that the rhythm of the poem felt more natural.

Fire in hand, the shape traverses
through corridors where reality disperses
The destination: life after life,
to embrace an ending of worldly strife.
Be afraid not could it be,
as the spirit, the soul, is finally free.
Light casting light upon shadow around
the softest of footfalls trod upon the rough ground.
Past shapes familiar, sights before seen,
strides the shape past the Past before been.
Leaving behind every Earthly flaw,
it finishes it\'s walk to the unchanging law.

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