The Best Quotes

The Best Quotes

Postby thebigb59 » Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:18 am

here\'s some of my classics

drug dealer wrote:tanks suck.
stop being noobs and better your GUN shooting abilities.

tanks are way to easy. cmon. you people ***** about everything.

thebigb59 wrote: so another person I killed with my T-34, learn to dodge sunshine

oh and another thing, hows the flamethrower you used alot from your stats?

drug dealer wrote: haha. got nothing better to do than read my stats and call me "sunshine", fag. you gonna pinch me on the ass too?

pfftt. keep dreaming you\'re actually good when you just go to their spawn and blast away with your tank. you got any real weapon kills in your stats? or are you always hiding in your nice comfy shielded tank?

thebigb59 wrote: 2649 kills with the STG-44, **** you very much, I sorry you lack the skill of

1. A weapon with some aim required
2. You can\'t Blow up a moving vehicle
3. You can\'t read stats

Oh and I am better than you

Seabee_1 wrote:God_GraveDancer,

I really have to thank you. You have done an outstanding job of taking care of all the adolescent whiners. I do have one request and I sincerely hope that you don\'t think that I am being too forward....Could you maybe let thebigb59 help design the dresses that the soldiers will be wearing on these new maps? Also, can I go ahead and give you my names for the contest now? Thank you for kind consideration.

you knoe your quite funny and annoying at the same time, do you know paca by chance, he is also a irriating little **** aswell

boston3325 wrote:Respectfully never signed

one day you will use the PPSh-41 more then maybe we will have some respect for you, but not today mr noob40
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