MP40 - All you need to know. By medball (genius!!)

MP40 - All you need to know. By medball (genius!!)

Postby kr1s74 » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:46 pm

[quote="medball":3fvdgwce]The MP40 is a subject of constant debate. Because of this I thought it necessary to produce a thead to settle the discussion once and for all:

The MP40, short for "Maschinenpistole" 40(40 being the age of the chief designer at time of release) was originally concieved , in 1920, as a portable Anti-Aircraft gun designed to be towed behind half-tracks and other such vehicles. When it was realised that air power was not going to be an important factor in any upcoming war the project was shelved. However when Poland declared war on Germany in 1940; a Japanese engineer on secondment to Germany, who specialised in miniturisation, decided to take the project on. His idea was to transform the project from an anti-air weapon to one that could be carried and used for anti personnel purposes. The MP40 underwent a massive transformation. While significantly remodeled and reduced in size, the MP40 retained it\'s significant power and range. However due to its lack of aesthetic appeal the weapon was not adopted by the Wehrmacht and played next to no part in WW2. Even the units that were issued the MP40 would regularly discard them in favour of captured Sten guns or Thompsons. The inclusion of the MP40 in CoD:WaW is valid though can be considered as something more of a novelty than an actual representation of arms used in WW2.

Actual footage of the MP40 in action thanks to TACTICAL DUMP via cactusranger71:

Using the MP40
The stats for the MP40 were obviously nudged by Treyarch as a disability aid for the lesser players in the game. Much like an invalid carriage conveys people who can\'t walk and a water wing assists those who can\'t swim; the MP40 is there for people who can\'t fight. Initial suggestions that using the weapon should be restricted to people with a K/D ratio lower than 0.6 were rejected as Treyarch couldn\'t be bothered. There are plans however that any player bearing the weapon will have "L" - for Learner plates attached to their character front and back.

I hope this post has helped; if there are any questions please direct them to my secretary Pacacamp.

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