Juggernaut - All you need to know. By medball

Juggernaut - All you need to know. By medball

Postby kr1s74 » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:44 pm

[quote="medball":nbjy0ylp]Since the use of Juggernaut in multiplayer mode seems to cause so much distress amongst the CoD:WaW PS3 community I have been compelled to do research and write a report:

Historical Validity of Juggernaut
Juggernaut stems back as far as warfare itself. As long as men have fought narcotics have been used to increase the ferocity of warriors and make them less susceptable to terror, exhaustion and pain. A few examples include:

The Vikings 600 - 1978
Bezerker warriors would frequently eat mushrooms and tree fungi before battle to induce a trance or rage-like state.
The Normans 900 - 2001(Brief revival in late 2006)
The Normans under William, French in culture, were all heavily drugged to convince them to attempt an invasion. The Anglo-Saxons, English in culture, were all heavily drugged to lose.
World War One 1914 - 1918
All senior commanders were smoking crack. No exception.
The Falklands War 1982
Full-scale war, battleships, submarines, bombers... for sheep grazing rights. Tell me drugs weren\'t involved.

Modern Usage of Narcotics in Warfare
There there are many modern day guerrilla and militia forces that use narcotics for battle and examples include football crowds, the Hare Krishna Movement and the Salvation Army. Professional forces have started to reduce the use of conventional narcotics in recent years due to rising costs. Other alternatives are being piloted; the standard British Army ration pack now includes an orange drink powder(AKA Screech) which induces an intense, child-like sugar high. The USA is working on a similar project with Tabasco Sauce.

Juggernaut in WaW
As explained Juggernaut is a valid and realistic inclusion to WaW and any other war game. Suggestions that players should be issued a small quantity of speed with the game were rejected as "retarded and immoral medball, for the last time NO!" Instead it was decided that Juggernaut would be simulated by character traits; Increased health, disorientation(they just run and run and never seem to know where they are going), confusion (when you get spray team-killed in hardcore it\'s always a jugg user!) and poor social interaction (stupid comments over the mic etc).

I hope this thread has been informative and has answered some of the questions surrounding Juggernaut. Thank you for your time,
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