Hardline Beta

Hardline Beta

Postby Musashi1596 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:21 am

So, was anybody able to get some good time in with the beta?
I unfortunately didn't get a chance to try it, and wasn't too interested on account of the state of BF4 on launch. However, having just checked out this video, Im actually kinda interested to see how it turns out.

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Re: Hardline Beta

Postby benjiman0 » Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:36 am

I played a bit of it, the idea that Need for Speed meets Battlefield is very true in the game mode with the cars, but that being said, I love NFS and I love BF, what's not to like here?
I never actually meant to play this game, however finding myself bored, I decided to get it and give it a go, now I'm about to Pre-order it because I enjoyed it that much. The YouTube video you posted does detail most of what I had thought of, but my biggest objection to his was the removal of the grinding system and placement of earning in-game cash for guns, attachments, etc. I don't particularly like that, I'd much prefer to see a rank up gun system, where you are drip fed weapons and given challenges for unlocks. It adds much more meaning to the rank up system, rather than it just becoming ultimately useless.
It's a massive change from the BF3 to BF4 transition where not much really happened asides from the blue flair being removed. This game does still have ties to BF4 and BF3 but it actually feels like a new game, unlike Call of Duty, which seem to rush a new game out every year anticipating every 12 year old to buy it.
They've done a really good job with the Beta, now it's up to the actual release to see how good it'll be.

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Re: Hardline Beta

Postby SmellyUndies » Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:32 am

I was surprised by the Beta, it was incredibly fun.
The new game modes are great, I didn't bother with conquest because it's the same thing as the previous games and I already disliked Conquest, preferred the normal Domination version.
I initially just thought it was gonna be BF4 + Payday, I enjoy Payday but a BF cops and robbers version sounded ridiculous.

I probably put in 10-15 hrs into the Beta.
Split pretty evenly with both Heists and the car jacking one, Hotwire.

Heists is basically cops vs robbers with cops having unlimited spawns trying to prevent the robbers from delivering the package whilst the robbers have 100 spawns and they have to deliver 2 packages.

Hotwire is just mobile domination. 5 or so vehicles, some fast muscle cars, sedans and then slow ass big rigs that are a grenade launchers wet dream. Cops and Robbers are both trying to steal the cars and hold them for as long as possible for points.

These 2 gamemodes are a definite new breed in quality for Battlefield and something that is good because it differs from some stale game types in previous BF games.
That being said, I'd rather they strip the Battlefield title from this game, because it's no longer war on the battlefield. EU/US vs China or whatever, it's Cops vs Robbers, and this version is more fast paced and slightly more arcade-y which is nice if you like it a bit of COD kinda action here and there.

I prefer the money system, at first when you start, you think 46k for a M416 AR is pretty expensive, but then you drive in a straight line, 180 and do the same thing for a while or you bust a vault open and win a few times, it really isn't too bad.
You still have the COD Black Ops system where 1 gun will be locked in a section, and you have to buy the rest of the guns to unlock the last one.
I walked out of the beta with $250,000+ because I couldn't use a grenade launcher on any other class and I couldn't buy AR for it.

As much as I enjoyed the beta, and I know that this BF will actually contain a story (thank fuck), it is still going to be a rushed game. There is no doubt, EA is pushing this to go up against call of doot doot, and it's not going to work, even if it's months out from the AW launch or 7 months till the next one, it's going to fall short and be buggy as all hell like BF4 was.
It's not a new game, it's a fun new DLC with a full game price tag

Lastly, cars built with rollerskates somehow worked.
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